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Sexual Health Tests



Sexual health test consultation £105.00
Full sexual health screening (female) (includes sexual health test and consultation) £260.00§
Full sexual health screening (male) (includes sexual health tests and consultation) £240.00§
Sex hormone screen and advise £140.00§
Chlamydia test (urine sample) £80.00
Chlamydia test (swab) £80.00
Gonorrhea test (urine sample) £80.00
Gonorrhea test (swab) £80.00
Syphilis VDRL £80.00
Cervical smear test  (liquid-based cytology, plus sexual health test consultation) £120.00§
Cervical smear test + Chlamydia test  £150.00
Cervical smear test + Human Papillomavirus (HPV) test £195.00
Cervical smear test + Chlamydia + Human Papillomavirus (HPV) test £230.00
Chlamydia + Gonorrhea + Human Papillomavirus (HPV) tests £197.00
Cervical smear + Chlamydia + Gonorrhea + Human Papillomavirus (HPV) tests £245.00
Genital wart diagnosis and treatment cream                                               £150.00
Genital wart treatment - cryotherapy                                         £170.00

Genital Herpes Consultation + test + Treatment                                  

HIV + Syphilis test                                                                              £180.00
HIV duo                                                                                 £80.00
HIV and P24 antigen consultation                                              £120.00
HIV viral load  £190.00
Hepatitis A antibodies                                                        £80.00
Hepatitis B antibodies                                               £80.00
Hepatitis C antibodies                                                               £85.00
Hepatitis (A/B/C) screening £170.00
Hepatitis + Chlamydia + Gonorrhoea + bacteria screening      £240.00
Hepatitis A and B + HIV +  Syphilis + Herpes screening £280.00


§ includes sexual health test consultation with clinician and standard laboratory tests

† excludes sexual health test consultation which is recommended but is not mandatory;

without consultation a £50 sample taking fee applies for blood (but not urine) tests

‡ excludes mandatory sexual health test consultation (£70)

Now choose your test and or treament and contact us as you prefer.


How do I book for my consultation and or assessment?


  • Individuals over 18 years old may self-refer and book and pay for services.
  • Medical assessment must be completed at booking online.
  • GP andor adult guardian are required for all under 18 years old bookings.
  • All clients are offered consultation and assessment, this provides opportunity for both clients and counsellors to decide if they wish to work together. 
  • Client and counsellor will then agree on an appropriate number of sessions.  
  • Clients are given appointments which they must attend as advised. 
  • At a pre agreed period, client and counsellor will assess progress made and determine if further sessions are required. 
  • Counselling sessions are booked hourly, and each session last 45 minutes.   If you arrive late for your session, we'll still finish at the pre-scheduled time. 
  • All sessions are paid for in full prior to the commencement of counselling sessions. 
  • All online, phone, email consultation, initial assessment, pre arranged and future counselling sessions must be paid for in full in advance. 


Payment Arrangement




Self-Funding Individuals - Flexible payment arrangements can be made for self funding individuals to pay an agreed amount for their remaining counselling sessions by monthly direct debit and prior to the treatment. 

NHS / Other Funding - All counselling sessions must be contracted, and payment made in full and in advance or within 28 days of submission. Clients are seen without charge if referred by their doctor.

Companies’ contracts - Flexible payment scheme available for longer term service provision Please speak to your counsellor contact enquiries. 


Contact form

Payment Enquiries – complete the contact us form and give details of your enquiries titled subject/payment enquiries in the space provided.



Payment Methods 


RSP Health Vouchers -

Bought in advance for full or part of full payment made prior to session. 

BAC transfer -

Contact the administrator for banking details complete the contact us form 


Cash Payment -

Accepted after the initial BAC transfer and prior to session


Online payment -

Credit card transfer from by major credit card


NB:  Additional charge will be added if making payment by credit cards and urgent bank tranfers.  No Additional fees charged if paying by prepaid voucher or cash. 

Travel and other expenses must be pre-agreed and paid for in full in advance or before session starts. 

Education department, PCT, NHS and other approved organisation - Subject to agreement, payment by invoice are acceptable within 28 days of session on production of signed invoice by finance director and designated departmental lead prior to session / treatment.





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