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Medical Escort

Flight Nursing 

Repatriation Medical Nursing 

Air Angels 

Travel Companion  

For peace of mind in time of need, and when you are feeling vulnerable and need sensitive service, we offer to assist you travelling by plane, in returning home safely; provide long and short haul repatriation for holiday makers traveling around Europe, UK, USA, Canada, and West Africa. 

We also assist travellers in exotic locations such as Latin America, Caribbean, and parts Far East and Asia.


Medical Escort

Our Medical Escort will accompany you on your trip and provide support during transfer to a local medical facility as required.

We can arrange a Medical Escort service for you with in collaboration with you and your tour operator, insurance company, corporate health and hospitality managers; by private arrangements from individuals, high commissions, service agents and government agencies.

We are here to support you and those booking our service on your behalf. 

We are happy to work in partnership with other repatriation service, tour agents, armed services etc. 


           Flight Nursing Care

We aim to provide safe transfer of patients on locations to their country of residence or other preferred location (very occasionally not by air but by overland, ferry and train) whilst without detriment to the patients' condition, ensuring patients safety and maintaining dignity.

Our nurses obtain all relevant information needed to plan care and ensure safety prior to meeting patients. 

As our nurses carry carry supplementary oxygen (O2) cylinders, we ask you to provide information about patients' condition as much as possible when booking and later as more information is obtained.  Regular assessment  of patients' condition and review of care planned are an on-going activity to ensure best care is delivered. 

Our nurses will continue to carry out nursing management and intervene with care to ensure high quality care is provided right through until care is safely handed over to a local hospital, care home or patient is discharged from our care. 

Our nurses undertake most repatriation single-handedly and would travel by any means to get to patients timely. 

You are be advised if two nurses or a doctor and nurse team may be required. 


Repatriation Medical Nursing Service

Your loved ones returning home may require medical or nursing assistance, we offer medical service to bring home when they as safe to be moved. 

If patient's condition is critical, we can stay with them in hospital until their condition improves and are fit to travel back home.

Our medical escorts and travel companion professionals provide travel assistance during your trip. 

We have varied levels of service for people of all ages to and from approved worldwide locations.

You might require any number of services on special occasions, a medical escort or flying companion. 

We explain the differences in our services and why you might need them for your convenience. 


Air Angels Medical Flying Companion

Air angels and medical flying companion are available if you have been unwell on your trip, feeling frail and need some assistance returning to your homeland. 

Perhaps on your travels, you need special care during transfer, or you simply require help managing your condition during your holiday, business, social events, or other circumstances, you are sure to get your medical or flying companion.  


Travel Companion 

Our travel companion professionals provide assistance throughout your holiday to make your trip comfortable and stress free from start to finish.  Whether you are an elderly traveller, a person with a disability, a person with travel anxiety or someone who prefers not to travel alone; our travel companion can help make your trip possible and enjoyable.

We can meet you at home, at work or at your departure airport and then provide you medical or assistance with all aspects of your trip from checking-in your baggage, through security, settling in flight, and comfort all the way to baggage reclaim. 

We offer everything you need to get to your final destination safely.

Our travel companions can also accompany you to activities throughout an entire trip providing travel assistance from departure to return home or a pre-agreed location.

Many people need or want to travel by air but are reluctant to travel without sedation and needed some help along the way. 

Seniors, persons with disability, children and those with flying anxiety will all need a different level of travel assistance.

You no longer have to worry about your health and wellbeing on your travels, social engagements, business meetings and conference as our staff will blend in with you assuring discretion.  

Weather you need a wheelchair, require personal hygiene assistance or reassurance of knowing you are not alone our trained medical escort, flying or travel companions are here to help you.


Travel Vaccination and Immunisation Clinic

Travellers are advised to book an appointment with our travel nurse advisors for relevant treatment well in advance or as soon as possible before your planned holiday or business trip.

Nurse appointment in an opportunity to get your travel advice, injections, and or medicine, your recorded vaccination and immunisation recorded are also review and updated.  So, provide your travel plans, vaccination records, any history of allergies and details of medical or general health problems well in advance as possible.

Don't worry if you do not have any of these to hand, you can still be advised as possible. 

Simply book your appointment and give details about your last medical or general family health service provider.

Now go to services and choose adult and children vaccination page to book your appointment. 

You also need to complete send your online medical assessment form.


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