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Telemedicine service is available as preferred to individuals, families and organisations for routine and urgent medical advice, occupational health advice, and healthcare at home or away from your therapist, nurses or doctors. 


 Telemedicine service is also known as healthcare, telehealth, telecare, ehealth online health care that uses information and telecommunications technologies to support long-distance clinical health care, patient and professional health service.  

We offer telemedicine service to our patients for their convenience and to promote wellbeing. Instead of attending clinic, patients requiring remote health support, are house bound and or prefers non-face-to-face health management, can access counselling, medical care and emergency advice from any distance and timely.   


How can we help?

We help our patients to remove distance barriers and improve access to medical services and to save lives.  Many patients experiencing difficulties and or in remote areas can access consistent care for as long as they want and in confidence. 

Our service can save lives of people needing critical care in an emergency situations via phone call or text, videos for consultation, by using other ‘patient matched’ technology available to patients at home like, personal alarms and health-monitoring devices.  

We offer the essential lifesaving critical assessment to either reassure or help you to remotely manage yourself whilst waiting for the emergency service you need.

It helps to remove distance barriers and can improve access to medical services that would often not be consistently available to people in distant rural areas. 

Our patients can enjoy both convenience and reliability because we closely and regular monitor them and provide information about the test and care they are receiving.

We can help people with long-term conditions live independently in their own homes when accessing our telehealth care and advice or home service.  You and your relatives can rest assure you’re your condition is stable and you are safe in your own home. 

We will give the support needed to help older patients and those not familiar with process to get ready.  When your health is stable and the time is right, we give you and your families the reassurance that you need not make so many trips to your doctor’s surgery.  

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We can provide you a special telehealth equipment to monitor your health and record your findings for us.  You may be able to measure your blood pressure, blood glucose levels or your weight in your own home.  We will teach you how to tests, record your measurements and automatically transmit the information to your doctor or nurse, who can then read the information without you having to leave home.  Your nurse or doctor can advise you if they have any concerns and what to do next. 

We will visit you at home to review how well you are doing in general and as often as required to monitor your progress living independently in your own home for longer. 






Advantages of our telemedicine service: 

·         Transparent and quality care management

·         Better Understanding of your long term condition

·         Better quality of life and increasing independence

·         Reduced periods of hospitalisation and early recovery

·         We help you reduce stress, with optimisation of therapy

·         Telemedicine can support your independence and wellbeing

·         Reduce cost, and better budget management for optimum health

·         You can manage your time effectively and spend more time with friends and families

·         We train and assist you in managing your long-term condition independently and better

·         We monitor you closely, make regular contacts with careers, and provide emergency support and you may also qualify for a free consultation subject to care package

·         We help you to avoid hospital admissions or put off moving into residential or care home and more.




You Choose Your Preferred Telecare Alarm and Contact and Systems  




     We will discuss your choice of alarm systems available and suitable for you at home.  The alarms can let a family member, warden, nurse, neighbour, or friends recognise your ‘help alert’ by phone when there's something wrong.

These include:


  • A personal alarm wristband or a pendant, help you raise help alert by pressing your alarm button that you wear at all times.
  • A home motion sensor, which can prevent accidents and falls by automatically switching on lights in any room you are in at night and when you get out of bed.
  • A sensor such as a pressure mat on your mattress that can indicate that something is wrong as you do not sleep in your bed at nights, if you have had a fall, or could not get back on after getting out of bed.
  • A door sensor that senses that the door is open or closed and you need help.




Emergency Contact


Who can access our telemedicine services  


Our service is available privately, and NHS patients can be referred by insurance companies and via their GPs, social worker or local authority.

NB: Our telemedicine service does not replace your primary health care doctors or emergency services.

For more hublot classic fusion replica information about our telemedicine services, complete the contact us for an immediate visit. 




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