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What We Do




Welcome to our site



Why Choose Us?



Because - you want a 'Reliable and Sensitive Quality Professional Service.  

We offer you medical and allied healthcare you have always wanted. 

We deliver service that is designed around you and with you fully empowered.

Register for a World Class Professional Medical and Allied Health.

Corporate Consultancy Occupational Health and Training Service.




Our 'Reliable and Sensitive Service' are available at Competitive Rates.

'Direct Service' is available to those clients who stand to benefit from our visits.

We see clients at our clinic centres, hospitals and health centres near them. 

We also visit clients in their offices, homes, clubs, resorts, and other approved locations.






Online Service


Online service is available to most people and for consultation if appropriate on request.

Clients requiring the services below can access online service:




General Medical Advice

Partner Notification

Follow Ups

Skin Assessment

Booking a service and more



General Information
Anyone can access our services anytime as convenient for them with or without referral..
Our members are highly qualified and experienced and enthusiastic about delivering world class service.  We provide you the peace of mind knowing that ensuring your safety is our business. 
You will have opportunity to develop or design your preferred service level from any of our bespoke services. 
Corporate clients have flexible package includes confidential occupational health, screening and vaccination, general medical / specialist service, counselling and mental health service.
Private clients enjoys person centred direct medical and specialist consultation and managment in the way they wish.
Family and social health care management services are built around you and loved ones. 
Consultancy and Training delivered at company centric level will ensure you get valuable returns for your investment. 
Our professionals also provide sports injury management, family health, personal nutrition advice and social services for all. See listed below or main pages for more.
Consortium members
Our members are approved independent specialist consultants, psychologist and allied health professionals at the top of their career.  You get tailored corporate services and, your personal and family's health care needs are delivered with you in mind. Individuals may use our self management facilities to book own services as they wish.
Corporate Service 
Service level and duration are provided based on an agreement from the initial period and each yealy services review.   Service level and type of contract may be increased subject to contract extension to accommodate your needs and for follow-up or supervision depending on service needs or project type. 
You may choose to have your service delivered at our clinic, your chosen location on and or off company sites for projects and individual contracted healthcare programme.
Occupational Health
Health Screening 
Staff Monitoring
Counselling and staff management
Fitness for Practice Medical checks
Health and Safety
Infection Control
Training and Development
Corporate Services and Team Health support
Routine General Health Assessment and management
Partnership working
We provide medical support for the National Health Service, Primary Care Trusts, the Olympics, Sports Clubs and Social Care for Families including the Elderly and Mothers.
Consultancy and Training 
Consultancy and Training delivered at company centric level will ensure you get valuable returns for your investment. 
Health and Social care Work
Counselling Research Interns

Clinical and Non clinical training and or supervision is available in most areas of

Child Protection,
Dieticians and Nutritionists Advice Service

Health Visitors, Nursing and Midwifery Placement Training Support

Family Services
Care management services built around you and your loved ones is divided into:
Community Health
Elderly care

Family Health

Home Support
Looked-After Care
Social Home Care
Individualised / Personal service
Private clients enjoys person centred direct medical and specialist consultation and managment in the way they wish.  Some examples of personal service are listed below:
Professional Pregnant Mothers service
Assessment and Report
Child and Adolescence Health
Young Parents Supervision
Fathers and Babies service
Personal Services
Psychological Assessment
Mental Health Service
Specialist exercise
Managing anxiety disorders
Adult mental Health Assessment
Medico-Psychological health
Mental Health and Psychological Health
Long and Short Term Management 
General Medical Consultation, Advice and Counselling
Management most medical-surgical and psychological complaints  
Specific Sex and relationship problems
Sexual and Reproductive Health complaints
Psychosexual Health for individuals and families 
Insurance Claims
We provide medical aid locally and abroad as well as medical escort for approved dignitaries, celebrities, repatriating clients, private bodies and clubs.
Groups, institutions, and insurance company claim assessment service undertaken in most areas of health and social care.   
Home and Office Insurance Claims Medical Tests also provided swiss replica watches.
Sports Injury and Physiotherapy
Our professionals also provide sports injury management, family health, personal nutrition advice and social services for all. 
Sports Injury management specialists,
Centre Sports injury consultation
Back care Specialist


Investigations including Laboratory Test
All general medical assessment - Blood, STIs/STD, Blood, Urine Test, Swab Saliva, 
Pregnancy Test, USS, Organ Function Test, Diabetest test, Cholesterol level test etc.
Advance Investigation or Confirmatory tests
DNA, Genetic Screening, HCG, USS, ECG, X Ray, CT Scan, MRI Scan plus advice and symptom management and/or  surgical referrals. 
Travel Medicine and Certification
Medical Assessment
Screening for mmigration and other purpose
Travel Certification
Vaccination - Swine Flu and all others
Medical Escort (local, national and international, subject to agreement).
Expert Witness and Support Service
Expert Witnessing Mental Health
Sexual Assault  
Child Protection
Child on Child Rape / Assault
Reward and Award Service
Corporate Awards
RSP HC Gift Vouchers
Cosmeceutical product sales

Personal and company advertisement are offerred at affordable monthly subscription. Advertisement: 
Contact Form
Contact us now by completing our preliminary contact form giving full detail of required services to get a prompt briefing meeting on your identified needs.
Choosing and Booking Service
You can choose and book your own service online.  Once booking and or payment is received, you will be contacted to confirm booking and preferred consultation venue.


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